Preparing Your Quilt

You’ve worked so hard to get that quilt top pieced and now it’s time for the quilting. To ensure you get the very best out of the quilting here are some tips to follow in order for me to quilt it the very best I can.

1. Make sure both quilt top and backing are pressed, clean, and threads are clipped and removed or they may show through later. Making sure quilt top lays flat will prevent puckering during quilting.

2. Edge seams need to be stay stitched so they don’t unravel before they get quilted. Stay stitching only needs done if there are a lot of seams at the edge of your quilt that might come undone during loading/quilting. All you need to do is stitch around it about 1/8” in on all four sides.

3. Square up your quilt so there are no wavy borders. We don’t want any puckers or folds on your finished quilt. Measure your quilt at the top, middle, and bottom each way to make sure it is square. Any differences in measurement will result in a pucker or crease when quilting.

4. Square your quilt backing. Backing must be 6-8” wider and longer than your quilt top. (There needs to be 3-4” on each edge)

5. If you plan to embellish your quilt top with beads, buttons, or other objects, please wait until the quilt is quilted. I cannot quilt through these items and they prevent the quilt from being loaded flat and square.

6. If there is a definite “top” to your quilt and backing please mark with a safety pin and note to ensure I get it quilted up the way you envision.

7. Please do not layer your quilt top, batting, and backing together or baste them in any way. The quilt gets loaded on three separate roller bars.

If you have any other questions on getting a quilt ready for quilting just let me know. Thank you!